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Personal Development
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Who benefits from the Personal Development  Workshops?
(Womb Surround Process Workshop)

Brendan is accepting many who wish to participate. In the past, we have limited workshops to health care / bodywork / professionals, counsellors, psychologists etc. These are still welcome of course. So are accountants, students, homemakers, and so on. All of us were born and experienced early imprinting that influences our behaviour and perceptions today, so anyone can benefit from the workshops. Health care / bodywork professionals will find they are using perceptions and skills learned during the workshop the next day in their practice.

Brendan wont accept applications from anyone who:
Smokes or uses nicotine in any form,
Has any addictions other than caffeine,
Is dependent on or uses a lot of alcohol or recreational drugs,
Is taking mental health medications, (sometimes there are individual exceptions that can be made)