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What is PNBT?
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What is PNBT?
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Prenatal and Birth Therapy.

Prenatal and birth therapy is a culmination of therapies that are utilised in the “Womb Surround process workshop, Personal Therapy and Family Therapy setting”. They are Osteopathic philosophy, Biodynamic Craniosacral therapy, Polarity therapy, Somatic reflection and Pre and Peri natal psychology. This amalgamation of therapies supports a re-patterning of experience and subsequent modifications in behaviour from the inside out. This means that all parts of our being can be supported in its changes of function and behaviour. Thus rather than needing to adopt strategies to create healthy behaviour or feelings, they can just be different. If the change can occur from the inside, it will feel much more natural and can be more readily held. We literally become different. Our discovery, our birth experience, how we were met and loved shapes brain development, self confidence, and emotional relationships as well as how we perceive the world. It will affect us in early development up to and including adulthood.