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The Format

This format has been developed by Dr Raymond Castellino, a visionary man on the forefront of this work. A true pioneer and a man for whom I have a deep respect. The “Womb Surround” process workshop creates a safe, welcoming environment in which to explore early imprinting from preverbal life that is affecting your present life. Typically there are a maximum of 7 participants in a workshop. The first period is spent with participants sharing intentions and Brendan establishing the ground rules/structure that makes it possible to share and receive at a deep level from a resourced place. Then each person has a turn during which the whole group, led by Brendan, focuses on helping the ‘turn person’ explore some aspect of his/her early life. Each step is taken with consciousness, permission from the turn person and with a goal of supporting the turn person’s intention as they explore this early material. The methods used to facilitate each turn are determined by the intention and needs of the turn person. First there is a group process to determine who will be the turn person. The rest of the group will be the surround. The whole group is involved in this decision in order to ensure that everyone is on board to support the turn person. Once the turn person is determined, Brendan will reread the turn person's forms and the turn person will affirm his or her turn. Brendan and the group then listen to the turn person's story. Brendan will ask questions relative to the person's exploration, will coach the person, uses gentle touch and makes suggestions to the turn person and the group for interactive exercises.

Also during the sessions Brendan coaches the surround members to support each other and the turn person. Brendan’s intention for the turn person is to support him or her to settle into body memories from some aspect of his or her early experience: for example, birth. Brendan will guide the turn person and the group to interact at a very slow pace so that each person present, and especially the turn person are supported to integrate or make sense of the early body memories. For example, as the turn person relaxes into a memory, his or her body begins to move in such a way as to allow the unique movement patterns that the person may have actually moved through during his or her birth. The group quietly and gently holds the turn person so that he or she can move through the birth pattern in a very conscious and integrated way. Doing this at a slow pace, with warmth, contact and support, re-patterns the experience for the turn person. The whole group is working together as a team in a very respectful gentle atmosphere as if they were at a birth. After each turn there is an opportunity for each person to share how the turn persons work affected him/her. There is also a group check in each morning and a mini de-briefing of each turn by Brendan and a completion.